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Whiteout is an intense, moving story about how lost a family can get and how it can right itself again. The atmosphere of the north woods permeates the novel and gives it a deep claustrophobic, gothic sense. Duren takes the metaphor of the whiteout—the complete blankness of the world, the possibility of erasing everything—and shows that it is not the answer. Instead, in this lovely, lyrically written novel, he gives us the power of the truth.

-Mary Logue
Winner of the Minnesota Book Award for Fiction, author of Point No Point

Whiteout . . . a stunning debut novel, worthy of national recognition . . . is as well-written, suspenseful and exciting as any novel I've read lately from any New York publishing house . . .

- Mary Ann Grossmann
Book critic for the Pioneer Press, St. Paul, Minnesota

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This chilly and disturbing novel set in the freezing wilds of Minnesota will be hard to forget. Duren has a real talent for describing a rugged and unforgiving wilderness that he loves.

Kathy Perschmann
Armchair Interviews

. . . Brian Duren's debut novel Whiteout is a remarkable first work.

Andrea Coventry


"[The] layers [of meaning in 'Whiteout'] are cold and white, and potentially deadly.  The perfect book for a cold winter's day, curled up in a blanket, with big flakes falling silently outside."

--Jana Peterson
Duluth News Tribune